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Gainful Employment

March 26, 2009


This guy was getting paid 12 pesos a day to look startled, like we had just stumbled upon him in his wild and natural habitat. Which  probably would have been the case if we had come here in the 80’s.


This guy is living off disability insurance payed out for a tail injury. He goes into town for physio but that takes about seven years each way.

Speaking of Wildlife That Have Found Their Calling in Posh Resorts:  Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai (UAE) had, until recently, employed Sammy, a Whale Shark, as the CEO of the food chain for their on site aquarium. He was very qualified. This 1.5 billion dollar hotel threw a 30 million dollar grand opening party so I imagine Sammy’s compensation package must have been notable. The Whale Shark was eventually freed through the efforts of environmentalists and he now gets paid NOTHING to do basically the same job. I know where Sammy is going to be on the first Wednesday of every month.

If you feel like throwing up over the excess, see the Atlantis webpage.

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