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April 2, 2009

Today is my sister’s birthday.


Here are ten things about her that I love:

1. Her name is Jane. She wears it well.

2. She is an artist. Of words and canvas, but mostly of life.


3. She is generous. She hopped on a plane when I went into labor and was with me until the end.

4. She is hilarious. She made me laugh between my contractions. Until I started the laughing gas.


5. She is brave. Some things are hard to do, but Jane can do them.

6. She is beautiful.


7. She is intelligent. Like don’t mess with her intelligent.

8. She is compassionate. Another’s experience does not escape her.


9. She is original. No one has ever done it like Jane. And if they did, she wouldn’t be doing it that way.

10. She loves me.


When Jane and I were kids, we were fighting – unless we were drawing. This song is for you Jane! I love you.

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