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Reasons I Did Not Blog on Monday: Part 1

April 28, 2009

Sunday 3 pm:

Claire: Why are we in the board games aisle?
J.D.: I’m just checking for something…
Claire: Checking for what? If you’re looking for Monopoly, I really don’t think…
J.D.: All they have is Shrek II Monopoly Junior. Oh and here’s Silence of the Lambs Monopoly. Which one would you…
Claire: Did I not mention that I HATE Monopoly?
J.D. But whhhhhy? It’s such a good game.
Claire: You win every time you play, don’t you? That makes me hate it even more.
J.D.: Oh look! They’ve got a travel sized Monopoly. C’mon. You can’t lose playing travel-size Monopoly. It’s too small.
Claire: Well, okay…
Sunday 9 pm:
J.D.: I think I’ll buy three more hotels…
Claire: Well while you’re busy doing that, I’ll just mortgage three more properties. Oh gee. I hope there’s enough cash in the bank. You might need to trade in some of your hundreds for five hundreds. If it’s not too inconvenient.
Sunday 10 pm:
Claire: Would you like me to set up a direct deposit system into your cash pile for my Go money?
Sunday 10:30 pm:
J.D.: You’re $4 short on this rent payment.
Claire: I didn’t think you’d mind since the rent is FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.
Sunday 10:45 pm:
J.D.: I’ll buy some of your properties so that you can afford to travel around the board one more time.
Claire: I’ll sell you Tenessee for a thousand.
J.D.: I was thinking more like $220.
Claire: Twelve hundred. Final offer.
J.D.: I don’t think you understand…
Claire: Think of it as a short term loan. You’ll get it back next time I land ANYWHERE ON THE BOARD.
Sunday 11 pm:
Claire: I quit.
J.D.: But you still have two more properties you could sell me.
Claire: You can’t afford them.
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  1. Janice Grocholski permalink
    April 28, 2009 7:34 pm

    Ha ha….way to go JD!!! I love playing monopoly but i think i play like you (or so uncle ken thinks!). I dont agree with him that there are bad winners! Good job Claire for sticking it out so long…Ken usually quits within the hour!

  2. Claire permalink*
    April 30, 2009 9:38 am

    Hmm. This appears to be a genetic condition. I suppose Uncle Ken and I can’t hold you people fully responsible for destroying our self worth.

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