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Reasons I Did Not Blog on Monday: part 2

April 29, 2009

coffeeDear Caffeine Addiction,

Have I ever denied your existence? No. Have I ever indicated a wish to eradicate you? No. Not out loud.  I thought that your recent promotion from one cup to two (or four) would have confirmed my commitment to us.

So I am feeling confused, and perhaps a little stung by your tyrannical behavior on Monday. That empty coffee bag was just as shocking and offensive to me, FYI.

As you know, I look after James’ friend Oscar during the week and since you have an excellent working relationship with his father, I figured we could settle the score at their house. But you act as though I planned to walk in and find Oscar using their empty coffee bag as a play thing. I did not, Caffeine Addiction. I did not.

Is it because my hormones beat you up and locked you in a closet while I was pregnant? Is that it? Because if you want to talk about it,  J.D. could probably use a debriefing partner too.

I don’t foresee a recurrence of Monday’s events in the near future but don’t think I won’t remember this next Lent.


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