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Lunch Service

May 4, 2009

jdlunchI make J.D.’s lunch because if I don’t, he will pack himself a box of crackers, or, if we’re out of crackers, a package of raw spaghetti. I also pack James and myself a lunch whenever we spend the day looking after James’ friend Oscar.

My general lunch making philosophy consists of two points.

1. Never spend more time than is necessary to produce nutritional balance.

2. If it’s good enough for James, it’s good enough for J.D.

Here is an inventory of what J.D. might find in his lunch and the matching (and witty…) comments provided by his high school students.

-1 carrot, unpeeled. “what are you? a rabbit?”
-1 celery stalk, untrimmed. “what are you? a rabbit?”
-arrowroot baby cookies, “what are you? a baby?”
-miscellaneous frozen leftovers, which require an entire lunch period to defrost. “groooooossss. Is that frozen dog food?”
-“surprise” wraps. He gets these when I also happen to be cleaning out the fridge. “groooooosssss. Is that ketchup and tuna??”

J.D., of course, is very grateful for this lunch service and would never do or say anything to jeopardize its continuance. But he drew the line last night when he caught me packing him goldfish crackers.

“I don’t think my career can handle goldfish crackers right now, honey. Maybe when I no longer have to tuck in my shirt in order to differentiate myself from the student population. Is that fair?” That’s fair.

In my defense, I often pack James a mango pit to chew on. I do have the good sense not to pack J.D. a mango pit. But if I did, I would also pack him a bib.


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  1. Theresa permalink
    May 4, 2009 10:08 pm

    Thanks Claire, I needed a good laugh today. I can sympathize with you, sort of, except I am still in the “let my husband go to work with uncooked pasta” category. You are a better wife than I. T


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