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Pamela Margaret Susan

May 25, 2009

I am taking a break from the blog this week. But before I go, I will share with you a little  allegorical story.

Once there was a she-rabbit we’ll call Pamela Margaret Susan. Pamela Margaret Susan lived in a burrow next to Farmer Crampy’s garden. Farmer Crampy was a nasty beast of a man and everything was always his fault. Farmer Crampy used to pull out his rifle and shoot poor Pamela Margaret Susan about once a month, causing her to bleed for a week straight. However, she did not die because she was a resilient and cunning rabbit. But she sure complained a lot. Then Pamela Margaret Susan had a baby rabbit and Farmer Crampy decided to stop shooting her for awhile. This pleased Pamela Margaret Susan very much. A year passed and Pamela Margaret Susan wondered if Farmer Crampy had forgotten about her entirely. He had not. When her baby rabbit turned fourteen months old, Farmer Crampy took out the AK47 that he normally used to shoot moose.

Pamela Margaret Susan will not die this week but she will surely complain a lot. She will also neglect her blog.

The end.

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  1. Theresa permalink
    May 25, 2009 7:24 pm

    You make me pee my pants. T

  2. Colleen permalink
    May 26, 2009 3:28 pm

    Bahahaha. Coffee, anyone?

  3. Swannie permalink
    June 8, 2009 2:12 pm

    14 months! You lucky girl! As my grandmother would say, “You think THAT’s bad…” when she proceeds to explain how your experience pales in comparison to her sister-in-law’s cousins best friend’s daughter’s. By the by, Farmer Crampy also has a daughter named OliViaA, and since she is too young to own a gun, makes it her mission, every two weeks after (or before) Daddy gets out the rifle, to do everything in her power to irritate poor little bunnykins. She hides bunnykins keys, plants annoying ear worms (ie: The Titantic themesong), and presumably doctors bunnykins food with drugs that destroy nerve health and a positive outlook. It could be that she is in cahoots with Farmer Crampy to fend off the arrival of anymore of bunnykins own little bunnykins. Just a thought.


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