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Music, Camping, and Over Stimulation

July 14, 2009

Posts have been scant. Now that I have finished with the obvious, I will tell you some things you may not know.

This past weekend, we went to a music festival in the small village of Atlin, B.C. More toddler camping, except this time instead of a serene lake and placid wilderness to send James into the heights of over stimulation, there were thousands of over stimulated hippies and their over stimulated hippy kids, as well as a giant dirt pit in which to romp, and of course loud music – the loudest of which they reserved for when all the kids were passing out either in the dirt pit, or on route to one of the thousands of tents and/or camper vans which were pitched on top of one another in the field next to the main stage and that’s when all the kids would get their second (or perhaps twelfth) wind and so to heck with sleep! That run-on sentence is the direct result of a weekend which was akin to one giant run-on sentence.

We all had a great time, but as we are slowly learning, most great times for our family end in the Emergency room. On the last day, James woke up with a wheeze and heavy breathing but was otherwise fine – in an I’ve-had-four-hours-less-sleep-per-day-than-usual kind of way. He actually seemed to enjoy his respiratory distress as it allowed him to add a realistic whinny to his horse impression. We did end up taking him to Emergency when we got home, where they gave him some kind of oxygen-steroid mix through a misting hose. Then we went home and he slept an unprecedented eight hours straight. I am currently researching the costs of replacing James’ crib with a hyperbaric chamber. He woke up totally fine the next morning, albeit a little pissed that his horse impression sounded flat again. The doctor told us it was probably allergies. No more hippies for James.

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