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July 28, 2009

I had hoped for, maybe even expected, another eight months of sweet compliance from my dear son, James. He has, however, discovered the glory of No over the past week and uses it without reserve, however inappropriate.

“James, what does a sheep say?”
“James, where did you hide your shoes?”
“James, why is the end of this crayon missing?”

and so on.

Fortunately, his delivery is very endearing and so you almost don’t mind that he is refusing to eat, sleep, dress, etc. First of all, he actually says “doh” instead of “no” because he says “no” for “nose” and he would not want you to confuse his refusals for the labeling of body parts. He also tries to soften the blow as best he can with an expression and intonation that say: “I’m sorry to have to tell you this – it’s not an easy thing, I know – but I’m never going to eat anything you make for me, ever again.”

That being said, there have been exceptions. While we were packing yesterday, I asked him to give me some sharp pointy thing he had found, probably in an accessible box labeled “sharp and pointy things keep away from James” As he opened his mouth to say “doh”, I caught sight of a button on the back of his tongue, so I asked him to spit out the button instead. He very obediently spat in my hand, but not before swallowing the button. It was a small victory.

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  1. J.D. permalink
    July 29, 2009 10:14 pm

    As James’ father I feel obliged to clarify that his ‘doh’ sounds nothing like the Homer Simpson ‘doh’ – as most people imagine when reading ‘doh.’ It is actually half way between ‘doh’ and ‘doo’ and is very short, not drawn out. Very cute.

    Although… I find it ironic that James often points to our skin and says ‘yellow’.

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