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July 30, 2009

James is still a terrible sleeper and it is still all my fault. He is sixteen months old and he has never slept through the night. Never. I have not yet shot out of bed after eight hours of undisturbed sleep screaming: “CHECK HIS PULSE HUSBAND! OUR CHILD WAS SMOTHERED IN THE NIGHT AND WE SLEPT RIGHT THROUGH IT” Oh how I long for that morning.

James still wakes up every three to four hours (yes, very much like a newborn, now that you mention it. Except that I have since been drained of the new-mother-survival-hormones and the hope that this will one day end) Here is what happens every night:

1. I nurse him until he is too drunk on breast milk to contest the crib.
2. Three hours later, he wakes up to pee.
3. Repeat.

I fully understand that this situation could be remedied by a few tears and night feeding withdrawal. But you do not understand. We have lived (UNTIL TOMORROW WHEN WE WILL MOVE ABOVE GROUND PRAISE THE LORD) in the basement of a house that was constructed using only the most noise permeable of materials. Above us lives a very nice German McDonald’s employee named Wolfgang. He once told me that when he takes his lunch break, people call the staff room phone and disturb him and he would like to just rip that phone right off the wall. We try not to disturb Wolfgang. Thus, night crying is not an option. UNTIL TOMORROW.

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  1. Theresa permalink
    August 2, 2009 1:54 pm

    Good luck Claire, our prayers are with you.

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