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The Fridge Door Society

August 11, 2009

I am most pleased with the Caption Contest turnout. A few of the entries are not even relations of mine (!) I have received word that there are one or two more entries yet to come so the contest will remain open until Thursday. On Friday, I will hold a vote and you, beloved Mumologic patrons, will decide who will be the winner of – wait for it – an honorary membership to The Fridge Door Society. That’s it. That’s the prize. A membership to a society I just now made up. The prize WAS going to be $25,000 but then people started entering. It’s a very prestigious society, in case you were wondering. Look, I even made a page on the home bar for it. My own SON isn’t even a member. So. Friday you vote. But, I urge you to come back tomorrow for  a Mumologic and Team video special on Everyday Household Miracles.

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