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August 19, 2009

This is my newest, freshest (and only) niece, Olivia. She was born last week. When my nephew, Jude, was born a year and a half ago, it took my brother almost TWO WEEKS to email us pictures. Totally unacceptable. He was much more prompt this time around.

Hey all,

I would like to publicly apologize to Claire for putting her in so much distress by not showing her pictures right away the last time.

This time however SunYoung didn’t need to stay in the hospital for 5 days and have a blood transfusion. This time we know that when the baby cries half of the eastern seaboard DOESN’T malfunction and shutdown. Also we don’t live in a -15, mold infested basement suite where we were barely able to survive, let alone have the the luxury of uploading photos to the internet for Claire. We were using the computer for kindling. (the burning silicon killed some of the mold too. Who would have thought? It might also have something to do with why I feel like I have a phantom arm.)

Again we are very sorry to Claire.

As an aside remembering all this made me think: Man, Jude had a rough start with parental panic attacks and harsh living conditions. I’ll be thankful even if he becomes a couch surfin’, doobie smokin’ slacker. Given the foundation it would be more than I could ask for.

This time the labour went way quicker. It took about 6.5 hours. And the epidural worked. The only real pain was at the very end. SunYoung was thankful for that. It was another 9 pounder.

Olivia looks similar to Jude when he was born but she has slightly more delicate features. For example she doesn’t have the hands and feet of a five year old like Jude did. I feel bad because when I was talking to Mom on the phone yesterday and she asked if she was beautiful. I said something like “No. She looks like a newborn baby.” I would like to say for the record I was really tired. And newborns are kinda ugly. You should see them when they first come out. The look like uncooked sausages.

But to those aghast at my comments I will say that the little malformed sausage is growing on me. Partly because she’s much more reasonable than Jude was. Her crying is more like “ummm. hey. oh. sorry… ‘scuse me. I don’t want to interupt… But if you’re not using that nipple…um… I wouldn’t mind a little suck… but only if it’s not too much trouble. Please and thank you. Sorry again for interupting. Sorry.”

Jude already loves his little sister. He gives her kisses and says ‘beautiful’ in Korean. He can kinda say her name to… although it sounds suspiciously close to “Thank you” “Dado” and “Yellow”.

Also we are very thankful to have SunYoung’s mom here. She’s a cleaner. After running out of things to clean around the house I came home to find her cleaning our running shoes. Later she cleaned our entire car with a dishcloth.

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  1. Colleen permalink
    August 19, 2009 10:36 am

    She is fresh and lovely. Welcome to Mumologic, Olivia!

  2. Davida permalink
    August 19, 2009 9:26 pm

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations on becoming an Aunt again Claire. She looks gorgeous!


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