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ElmoS and DiggerS

November 16, 2009

James and I draw together multiple times daily. I take requests. Any request at all. I would draw him a portrait of Johnny Cash if he asked. But James will never ask because Johnny Cash is not Elmo, nor is he a digger.

Our house is littered with illustrations of the disembodied face of Elmo, who resides at the site of a large scale excavation requiring dozens of diggers. The occasional barnyard animal will make an appearance – but this is only upon my suggestion and requires a ridiculous amount of paper work to acquire a livestock-specific building site access permit.

The other day J.D. drew a picture for James that made his head explode. He had no idea such beauty existed in the world:


(J.D. wants you to know that’s scaffolding in the background. He also wants you to know that he is fully aware he drew the digger’s hydraulics in the wrong places)

J.D. is big on efficiency and so the next step was to fire up Microsoft Paint. A little Ctrl-C and a whole lotta Crtl-V made a pleasing Elmo army. But here’s the kicker: When James saw what his father had done, he pointed at the screen and screeched: elmoS!

James can pluralize, y’all.

If I had known that this would be the end result, I may have cultivated less of a heavy machinery/Muppet grudge.

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