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Nimas Ights

December 8, 2009

I went to yoga yesterday afternoon and when I got home, James came barreling at me with black and red marker all over his face (festive. almost.) screaming “NISMAS! IGHTS! DADAAAAAAAAAA!” I think he just told on you, J.D.

It became clear that J.D. had unearthed our one and only “Christmas box”, then gave James a marker and they both went to town. In very different ways.

Since this house does not belong to us, we are not allowed to nail things into the walls: Explicit instructions which we have followed religiously except that one time when we had to nail a hole in the wall so we could hang a picture over the giant golf club hole. (Hi Homeowners! How’s India?)

So in order to hang the NIMAS! IGHTS! J.D. had to use things already nailed and protruding from the wall. The homeowners clearly were not thinking of this particular situation when they originally set up their home. But James had an obvious hand in the rest of the Christmas decor so why not blame the lights on him too?

There was also a bag of tree ornaments in the box. When I was teaching I put a request on the staff room white board for donations. Some generous but anonymous individual left this bag in my inbox. It was quite clearly a collection of reject ornaments he/she had collected throughout the years. The booty of staff Christmas parties past?

I gave James and Oscar free reign over the bag this morning because you never turn down a chance to distract toddlers with shiny things.

Ceiling Angel! You live!

An ornamental apple that they discovered is inedible. But not for lack of trying.

An expired ornamental cookie that they discovered IS edible. Not for lack of trying.

An ornamental shoe that covers you in glitter even if you only look at it.

Happy Decorating! Love, James and Oscar.

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  1. Colleen permalink
    December 8, 2009 9:29 pm

    No wonder Oscar is never hungry after being at your house!
    BTW – I think James and Oscar are beginning to grow to look a bit alike.

  2. Davida permalink
    December 8, 2009 9:54 pm

    Very Cute Pics!!!
    I would say that they definitely have the same hair Colleen!
    Oscars hands look HUGE the way he is holding that one ornament.


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