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Christmas in Black and White. Part I

January 4, 2010

Ah yes, the photo essay. Plus, if you make all your pictures black and white, you appear that much more pretentious and artistic. I’m expecting a call from National Geographic any day now.

James and his grandpa book it up. This is the grandpa that is hell bent on sending James into major league hockey. Also major league golf. You know I hate to disappoint, but James will be taking art lessons. Maybe tap dance.

We took James to Stanley Park in Vancouver for the Christmas lights display. After that, a single string of bulbs failed to impress.

On the ferry over to Vancouver Island for a one day familial whirlwind tour. Asian girls kept following him around and taking his picture. I should have collected an agent’s fee.

This would have been a photo of J.D.’s papa, had James not wandered into the shot and stolen the focus. Papa is not in good health these days and has a hard time remembering if he ate breakfast. BUT, he told me a story in astonishing detail about how he walked an hour into downtown Regina when he was three years old. The cops brought him home when it started to get dark. He even remembers the name of the cop who put him in the back of the paddy wagon.

This is J.D.’s Uncle Michael, who is totally choked that I don’t include him and his bicep in my blog on a regular basis.

Yes, James received not one but two hockey sticks for Christmas. Strangely, they were from his grandma, not the aforementioned grandpa. They’re ganging up on me.

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  1. bakerjac permalink
    January 4, 2010 5:18 pm

    I’m not Asian (even though my last name says otherwise) but I would TOTALLY follow your kid around and take his picture. Especially in his sweet little ferry-ride gear.

  2. Davida permalink
    January 5, 2010 3:16 pm

    Super cute pictures Claire!! It looks like you guys had a great family filled vacation! Home now in the great white north???

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