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Why Monday is Better than Friday for J.D.

January 11, 2010

I make J.D.’s lunch, as chronicled here. Wife credits for me. But I would like to once again bring home the point that on some days I earn less wife credits than on others.

Friday’s lunch:
-unpeeled carrot in its original form
-can of condensed no name brand tomato soup
-frozen english muffin
-reject apple from bottom of crisper
-unopened package of soda crackers
-like, four pieces of sad cheese.

Monday’s lunch:
-food that is not embarrassing to bring into the staff room in addition to being edible.

Monday is also better because J.D. did not spend his morning mopping up pewt.

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  1. January 19, 2010 2:05 am

    you had me at sad cheese quartet – awesome! 😀

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