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Play Dough

February 11, 2010

Play dough. I’m on the fence. I’ve made it before, as a nanny. But the children in question were ages 3 and 5 and most importantly, female. A friend with four kids (two pre-schooler boys) recently blogged about her previous experiences, her resulting hesitancies and her eventual guilty submission. Apparently it all turned into a game of “mud ball” and there are photos of her youngest looking a little feral as he hurls a green wad across the dining room.

Then last week I was having an uninspired afternoon and Oscar threatened to tell his parents that all I do is tie them to chairs and watch re-runs of Full House (first of all Oscar, if I tied you to chairs and watched re-runs of anything, it would be The Fresh Prince)

So I made play dough. The first batch was a total botch. I was tearing the pantry apart looking for cream of tartar (darn you to heck, cream of tartar) and I hear a proud “Helping!” James “helped” by pouring about 4 cups of salt into the flour bowl. The second batch was disappointing but workable. I circumvented any inclinations toward mud ball via toothpicks.

James freaked out once because Oscar had his hand in the toothpick jar at the exact moment that James wanted a toothpick (as pictured in the 2nd photo. He’s in the middle of what I like to call a “siren No”) Oscar freaked out once because I made him a hockey stick out of a tooth pick and was not keeping up with the play dough hockey puck production.

I would call the whole thing a moderate success.

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  1. Jean permalink
    February 11, 2010 10:55 pm

    My great fear with small children and play dough is that they would eat it.

    Claire…did I ever mention to you that you got your lifetime quota of sodium in 3 seconds when you were about 2? So, don’t salt your food again. Ever.

  2. elena permalink
    February 12, 2010 6:47 am

    Claire, Thanks for the reference:) I made the dough again the other day when Hannah was home from school. Ahh, the difference. She succesfully coralled her brothers and made pizzas and cookies and even ‘baked’ it all. Not a mudball in sight. The stuff has gone untouched since she went back to school.

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