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Frozzysnewman (German for Frosty the Snowman)

February 19, 2010

I recently added Puppeteer to my resume. Four to twelve times a day James comes hollering for a Puppet Show. These are private screenings however, and you would have to write me a very large cheque and agree to be Neuralized upon the show’s completion before I would admit you. I will say this: They are five minute sessions meant to delight my two year old and my two year old seems to enjoy watching various barn yard animals have seizures and wrestle.

ANYWAY. I went all out yesterday and even made a prop: a paper snowman. When this snowman made an appearance in my production, little hearts sprang from James’ head and the only thing worth living for became Frozzysnewman. They were in love and all I could do was watch the affair unfold.

Then something went wrong and James decided that Frozzysnewman must die.

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  1. elena permalink
    February 23, 2010 4:11 pm

    are those floors really slate?


  1. Frozzysnewman’s Eternal Nap « mumologic

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