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Exercising His Independence

February 22, 2010

This morning, circa 3:30am, I woke up to James screaming “Done! Done!” I think he may have fallen out of bed and had had just about enough of that.

In any case, I was not into spending the rest of my night on a futon with no pillow and a 2′ by 2′ baby blanket draped over my feet -as per the night before and the night before. Done! Done!

So I put James back on his bed, and we had a chat.

me: James, Mama is tired.
James: Tired.
me: Mama is going back to her bed because you know why?
James: Why.
me: Because James is going to go back to sleep on his very own. Yay(!)
James: Own.
me: Yes, on your own.
James: Self.
me: Exactly.
James: Mama, leave.
me: Good. I’m glad we feel the same way. Good night.

And then I went back to bed and I may or may not have heard a few non-sleeping rustles but they were contained to the bedroom. He came and got me at 6am which is not awesome but totally reasonable.

I got up and found that at some point between 3:30am and 6am, James had pulled out the lasagna pan, loaded it up with dishtowels and all of his alphabet fridge magnets.

James may or may not have started his day at 3:30 this morning. Fortunately I did not, and that is what really matters. Oh gosh. This has bad parenting written all over it. Sorry James. Due to social pressures, I will be taping you to your bed tonight.

P.S. James has also started kissing his own owies better. You have no idea how much time this has freed up.

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