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Physician Rancher

February 23, 2010

J.D. is a homesteader at heart and so my mum got him a subscription to Mother Earth News for his birthday in October. It’s the matriarch of all hippy magazines, probably printed on paper made from recycled compost. The cover story for the Feb/March issue is depressing: “Best Tomatoes to Grow Where You Live” The tomato growing map doesn’t even extend beyond the bottom 8th of Canada. Yet another reminder that the Yukon is a challenging land from which to carve one’s existence.

I mention the subscription because of an interview on CBC’s Q about a book of personal ads from the exceedingly intellectual publication, London Review of Books. (The book is called “Sexually, I’m More of a Switzerland”)

A sample or two:

“…Not the sharpest sandwich at the picnic…”
“…Mentally, I’m a size 8…”
“…Re-enact the American Civil War in my kitchen…”

Here’s the connection: The most entertaining part of Mother Earth News for me, are the personals in the back. Here’s the best one from the current issue:

Physician Rancher
Handsome, unique living in log cabin. 80 acre Montana ranch. Organic farm. Majestic views. Seeks attractive country girl, slim, emotionally stable.

He left an email address if you want it.

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