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March 1, 2010

“Dada’s drinking coffee too” = James’ first originally constructed grammatically correct four word sentence. It’s a pretty adequate sum up of Monday mornings around here.

This past weekend was the annual Sourdough Rendezvous festival in Whitehorse. Two years ago, when I was seriously pregnant with James, J.D. and I partook for the first time. I wrote a little description of what the whole thing is about on the blog I kept back then:

Around mid February, after 5 solid months of snow, bitter temperatures and darkness, the population of Whitehorse becomes a bit …”itchy”, we’ll say. Instead of increasing bar hours and reducing liquor tax, as an outsider might expect, they have a three day weekend called Sourdough Rendezvous filled with activities that might otherwise be devised and executed during an evening of drunken debauchery (I.e. Wife carrying races, frozen turkey bowling, etc) However, nearly everyone enjoying the weekend festivities is completely sober. Well, the children are anyway.

James is a still a bit young for the children’s attractions, ie: free tours of an Armed Forces APC. Oh, and if you visit their tent, they’ll give your child a fun bag of recruitment materials.

J.D. did take him up to the airport to see the planes that participated in the air shows. They had just shut down for the afternoon but luckily, James does not know to be disappointed by locked gates and chain link fences.

And here is where I stop writing the post and upload a few photos to make this less “text blah blah text”. Sadly, we just bought a new point and shoot and I am not at all equipped to make the upload happen at this moment. I will show you pictures of James and planes through chain link fences another day.

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