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Sunday and the Train

March 9, 2010

On Sunday we spent the day in Victoria visiting friends, my sister, and J.D.’s brother. James spent the day whooping it up with his grandparents eating sugar bombs for breakfast and having miniature hockey cleats fitted (cleats? That doesn’t sound right…) At least he would have if his grandma hadn’t been supervising.

J.D. and I took the 9pm ferry home, got in at 12:30am, set the alarm for 4:45am, groaned collectively, and then passed out. At some point during the night, the power went out which meant our 4:45 alarm was cancelled – which would have meant a cancelled Amtrak adventure. Miraculously I happened to wake up at exactly 4:45am anyway. Thank you to my internal alarm, and also to James who spent two years training that internal alarm.

We were on our way to Seattle by 6:45 am and J.D was on his way to the “Cafe Bistro” car at 6:46 am.

James expressing our sentiments:

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  1. Colleen permalink
    March 9, 2010 9:09 pm

    That internal alarm is one of your many supermom powers! I hope you are having a great trip. Every time Oscar hears a plane he reminds me that James, Claire, and J.D. are in Vancouver at the beach and he asks if we can go there in a car. I told him you aren’t in Vancouver, but he doesn’t buy it.

    We miss you! Enjoy the sunshine – it is windy and yucky here.

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