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San Diego

March 29, 2010
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Many blog-worthy things have happened in our real life but I am aware that I still owe you one final post from our pretend dream life in Southern California. Here it is, mostly in pictures, because I cannot wait to tell you about the gruesome scene in our driveway that deserves police tape.

These were parrots from a rescue shelter that a guy had brought down to the waterfront. He tossed them on people’s shoulders and forced screaming children to extend their arms for a visit from Lola – the one on James. James was pretty unphased. Until she pooed on him and then he thought she was majorly awesome.

James and J.D. treated themselves to new hats. It seemed appropriate.

Three times J.D. and I told James we were about to go somewhere or do something that would be the highlight of his childhood. However, due to lack of foresight or poor time management or just being inherently bad parents, wherever or whatever we were going to do was cancelled or closed. Luckily, James is happy to play in dirty public fountain water and there is plenty of that in San Diego.

James liked the scale of San Diego. Where he comes from, trees give up at about 15 feet.

And this was our luxurious mecca of cable T.V. and private bathrooms. “B” is for “better than the last two”

James may have enjoyed the animal statues more than the actual animals at the zoo. He was especially taken with the familiar anatomy of this particular statue.

Me and my piggy.

This mohawk was sculpted from his own playground sweat.

Sunset at the seawall. You can’t hear him in this picture, but James is screaming something about taking him back to the flippin hotel so he can go to bed already.

Departing from the land of reasonable temperatures. Boo. This is where James chose to publicly unleash his newly acquired bathroom humor. Loudly, he announced that Mama pooed! Hahaha. Oh, and not just Mama, but Dada pooed too! Hahaha. And James too! Hahaha. The family that poops together stays…regular?

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  1. March 29, 2010 8:00 pm

    First of all, I love the hats.

    Second, I will be amazed if I am embarrassed about any of my bodily functions being announced to the entire population of restaurants and airplanes after having children. Elias has a very loud voice, a curious mind, and a great vocabulary. Woo hoo.

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