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The Birthday Party

April 1, 2010

James had his birthday party last Saturday. Despite having planned, oh, nothing until my trip to Superstore that morning, it was a step up from last year. For which I actually did plan nothing.

There were a few oversights. The first was the time of the party. 1pm: the universal toddler nap time. Well done, Claire. James could have potentially slept through his second birthday (And most of his friends slept through the first half) had I not accidentally woken him up at 12:30 crumpling noisy paper right outside his door. He came stumbling out of his room whimpering and angry and when he rounded the corner and saw J.D. standing there with 15 helium balloons, he said “whoa” and then burst into tears. Here he is watching a video and “recovering”

The second oversight was the inclusion of foil wrapped chocolates in plastic eggs hidden around the house. Clearly I need to read a book on appropriate parties for toddlers and also one on safety. The 11 month old had found and tried to swallow three within 2 minutes of arriving. His older brother and sister found almost all the others and spent the rest of the party in the corner unwrapping chocolates. James and Oscar did eventually find a couple themselves, by accident, and someone made James spit out a melted ball of foil and chocolate. It was a fabulous party according to everyone under four feet.

In my defense, the birthday muffins had zucchini in them.

And the adults whose children weren’t consuming vast amounts of sugar had fun:

And drawing on the wall was allowed and encouraged. (Hi homeowners!)

I really don’t feel like I put in the kind of planning and effort (and common sense) that a lot of suburban moms do, but I was still completely destroyed afterward. So James, next year: I know you’ll probably want a bouncy castle and pretty girl that jumps out of your cake but we’re just going to drop you and your friends off at a museum or something for an hour and call it a day, if that’s all right with you.

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