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Smoke and Injury (You should name your band this)

April 16, 2010

I filled the house up with smoke this morning via a botched wood stove fire. This created a measurable amount of chaos as I tried to herd two tots (one protesting clothing) and two confused cats outside and open every open-able opening in the house.

Then a third tot arrived and the two original tots were chipping ice off their hands whilst the third tot stated that he would like to stay outside forever and ever.

With the help of the third tot’s mum, and probably bribes, we herded all three willing and not so willing tots back inside. Then the third tot’s mum left and I spent the next hour putting out proverbial tot fires.

Then there was a deceptive calm and that’s when the second tot (the littlest tot of all) connected his face to an edge – the worst possible edge in the house. There was blood but nothing I haven’t seen before, thanks to the first tot. First tot and second tot will be comparing scars in a week.

The afternoon, statistically, should be better.

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