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The Thing That Must Not Be Mentioned

May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all you mamas. My weekend was full of enormous breakfasts and second breakfasts and long bike rides to make up for the second breakfasts. Plus a 9 am sleep in and then more breakfast! Glorious. James delivered an unprompted “I love you Mama” in the morning and then an unprompted basket of whine in the afternoon. However, he has perhaps given me the greatest mother’s day gift of all lately…

I would very cautiously venture to say that he is day-time potty trained.

Actually, nevermind. Nothing. Because if I say it, he’ll wake up tomorrow and go, “Guess what Mom! I’ve regressed!” In any case, the Thing That Must Not Be Mentioned is a definite highlight in my life right now, especially since it’s been underway from almost day one.

The trick? I cut off his diaper supply even though he was still totally keen on making them his place of business. It took about a week and a whole lot of pants for him to decide that urine trickling down his leg is way more irritating than sitting still for 30 seconds on the can.

So that is what I think about when I get tired of thinking about how we’re homeless in two and a half months. But when I don’t feel like dipping into my well of positivity, I also sometimes think angry thoughts about the guy trying to sell the pink carpeted ensuite house for probably $300,000 more than his mother paid for it in the late 60’s.

This is me and the guy that helps me deserve all those breakfasts.

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  1. May 10, 2010 6:42 pm

    hehe – the Voldemort of the pee-pee business 🙂

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