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Drawing on Walls

May 13, 2010
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This morning I explained J.D.’s job to James. J.D. thought it sounded like a pretty sweet career.

“He goes to school, he reads some books, then he draws some numbers and letters and then he plays with kids.”

Sounds very much like my career. Minus the ability to show up in a housecoat.

When I take James to J.D.’s school, his favorite thing to do after touching all the gross teenager surfaces, is to draw on the white board. Or more accurately, make me draw Elmo and ho-lollers (helicopters) on the white board. The janitor is this close to reporting the kinds of math analogies being used in this classroom.

A long time ago I went through a crafty phase in which I bought all kinds of crafty type things and then promptly departed the crafty phase. Among my purchases was a roll of ConTact paper which is basically drawer liner but you can stick it on your wall and it peels right off. That’s the theory anyway.

I decided to stick this up on one of our walls, call it a white board, and give James a marker. A washable marker – very important. So far it’s worked out really well. He generally respects the ConTact paper/wall border and ho-lollers and Elmos come to life there daily.

Sometimes the pictures in his brain just don’t come out fast enough.

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