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The Weekend, Summarized.

May 17, 2010

On Friday night, J.D. played Risk with a bunch of Guys. For five hours. And they didn’t even finish. At midnight someone was like, “Look, can we not just apologize for obliterating one another’s nations and call it a night? Please?”

Risk is a point of contention in our marriage because I’ve never played it and I will never play it and J.D. thinks that’s stupid.

But have I not just rested my case here? I can see investing five hours if you were actually conquering the world. That would make sense to me.

At some point during the weekend leaves exploded from the tree in our front yard.

And there you have it.The lows and the highs.

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  1. bakerjac permalink
    May 17, 2010 3:45 pm

    My husband would NEVER go spend five hours playing Risk. Ever.
    Settlers Of Catan, on the other hand… try seven hours. 😛

  2. Davida permalink
    May 17, 2010 8:50 pm

    That is HILARIOUS! Shawn and I CANNOT play Risk together….almost as a rule…apparently I am not a supportive wife/girlfriend, and I just plot against him with other people and that is SOOOOOO wrong…. :)~

  3. May 18, 2010 1:23 am

    you think Risk is bad, try Diplomacy – there’s always a deeper hell 🙂

  4. J.D. permalink
    May 18, 2010 7:56 pm

    “And there you have it. The lows and the highs.”

    uumm… I think you forgot the lows Claire.

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