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The After Bath

June 1, 2010
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Last night we viewed another house for sale. It’s a “fixer upper”. This is because at some point in the 80’s whoever owned it thought, “Hey, why don’t we blow the back off this quaint well built military house, which, if left in its original condition, would sell instantly on the Whitehorse market in about twenty years. Yes, I think we’ll remove the back and throw on an enormous, poorly insulated garage, put a useless ballroom on top of that, and THEN, check this out, we’ll stick a FLAT deck on top of that, which will likely rot and leak if not properly cared for! We’ll just attach the monstrosity with putty! Oh, and later, if we’re bored, we can put bad carpet on the original -and highly desirable – hardwood floors using industrial strength glue.” *high fives to self*

This afternoon we have a date with another duplex. According to the pictures, the cupboards are painted in Electric Salmon. The bathroom is a shade of blue that would burn your retinas if you sat on the can too long. BUT! There is a new furnace (see ya Asbestos!) and new windows and it’s completely within our price range. This also means it’s completely within the price range of everyone else looking for somewhere to live. J.D.’s been doing chin ups so if we have to arm wrestle for it, I think we’ll be okay.

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