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Doctor Party-On Saves the Day

June 18, 2010

I took James back to the hospital yesterday after a pitiful nap. Obviously he was thrilled. The doctor that had seen us before and wanted to admit James, we’ll call her Doctor Precaution, had gone off duty and a new doctor, we’ll call him Doctor Party-On, had replaced her. He was a German guy that pronounced the ‘p’ in pneumonia. I tried later. It’s really hard.

Anyway, he buzzed into our room, did a 360 on the doctor stool and was like, “Ja! His cheeks are pink! He smiles! No problem!” and then he told us we looked like fairly sensible people (we did not wear our beer shirts) and sent us all home with an open invitation. Then he skipped away. Doctor Party-On: Ich liebe dich.

Oh, before he left, he told us not to worry if James has trouble going to bed or, um, sitting still. NO KIDDING. Asthma medication is apparently a derivative of espresso. J.D. tried to calm him down by drawing him pictures in the paint program on the computer. He was like one big charlie horse sitting on J.D.’s lap and he made J.D. color everything RED! So then we threw him in the stroller hoping the nylon straps would have more success. This did the trick and he passed out within ten minutes but continued to do scissor kicks in his sleep.

Today he is on the mend and back to his usual activities which include practicing fierce independence and bossing me around.

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