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Left Over Buffets

July 5, 2010

Last night Grandma put James to bed and J.D. and I went “out.” This noun/verb combination and all it implies is a very exciting thing until we think about our options. There are two. A) Go to a movie or B) Go to a bar and watch J.D. drink.

The movie choices were Twilight 3 or Toy Story 3. Triquels, generally, are kind of like eating leftovers for the third day in a row. Even if it was really good the first day, you just want to move on for crying out loud. I haven’t read/seen/bought the Twilight matching bed set but I did not have a good feeling about what was under the foil.

We went to Toy Story 3 and it was a fresh buffet of AWESOME.

Speaking of awesome buffets and left overs, we drove to Skagway, Alaska on Friday with Grandma (2.5 hours South. Well, 2.5 hours there, 2 hours back because the professional military guard at the American border is very meticulous about taking pictures of your car from every angle and scanning for radioactive produce and cigarette guns. Coming back into Canada, some guy wearing all beige puts down his book and is like, “What did you buy? Shoes? Hey, didn’t you teach my daughter math?”)

Anyhow, there is this excellent Thai restaurant in Skagway which seemed to become even more excellent after I got pregnant. Since baby has added some extra square footage on to his/her living quarters in there (at the expense of my stomach) I was not able to gormandize my entire dinner. J.D., I think, had hoped I would offer him the remains but all I was thinking about was tomorrow’s lunch. I had it packed up and yesterday, as I was eating it, J.D. expressed regret that he had not gotten to it before me. LIKE IT WAS UP FOR GRABS. LIKE IT WAS NOT SOLELY MINE AND MEANT TO BE ENJOYED BY ME AND ME ALONE. I cannot adequately express to you the horror and the outrage that almost shifted my focus from how delicious it was. How can you be married to someone for this long and not realize that this is how their brain works?

To be fair, I had no snack sharing skills even before becoming pregnant. HE SHOULD HAVE REALIZED THE DANGER.

Grandma leaves tonight which is tragic on so many levels. James will wake up every day for the next two weeks, at least, and ask, “Where Grandma Go?” I will sadly tell him that she flew away but her spirit lives on in that beeping, whirring construction play set thing she brought you.

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  1. July 5, 2010 11:17 pm

    Ha ha, I like your ‘out’ options. We’re going on a date tomorrow night–guess where we’re going?

    I’m going to respond with my full brain tomorrow morning to your email 🙂

  2. Christine permalink
    July 6, 2010 8:29 am

    Just have to say we LOVED Toy Story 3! Not sure who loved it more, Sebastian or his parents 😛 and…are we not so lucky to have great mother-in-laws…I hear not so good stories sometimes 🙂

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