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October 6, 2010

Just after we got home from Vancouver I lost my appetite and much of my will to adequately mother James. I thought it was some kind of third trimester thing until my doctor suggested Tylenol (when I was thinking birth was really the only solution). Turns out I’ve got a mild version of whatever chewed on J.D.’s immune system last week. The good news is that a little acetaminophen makes me feel like doing more than lying on my face while James drives his cars all over me. However, James’ bedtime still seems like a reasonable hour to be done for the day. So, here are a few of the good photos from our trip in chronological order and not much else. The word chronological makes me tired.

Feeding the ducks at Como Lake with Grandma. An activity frowned upon by some. The ducks seem okay with it though.

Me and my two youngsters at the Como Lake Park. One of them enjoyed climbing the monkey bars behind us while the other was content to do chin ups using my rib cage.

Come on James. The sweet innocence pose is a little much. True colors, please.

That’s better.

Taking public transit to the Vancouver Aquarium. A fascinating and economical way to travel.

James (and a few child strangers) at the aquarium. A fascinating but highly uneconomical way to entertain your toddler.

Three generations of James. (taken at Great Grandma/Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary dinner – during which two of the three Jameses stayed up WAY past their bedtimes)

Killing some time on Dado’s shoulders (my Dad) waiting for the ferry to Victoria. James loved Dado because he called him a rascal with a Transylvanian accent at least 14 times a day.

Granny pointing out the cars that didn’t quite make it on to the boat.

Granny, James, and Dado feeding seagulls on a treacherous rock face at Saxe Point in Victoria. Seagulls poking each other’s eyes out and the danger of falling to one’s death made this a very stimulating outing.

“Oh Look Dado! There’s a corpse holding a baggie of bread crumbs at the bottom of those rocks!”

James in his knickers at Gyro Beach.

And then we went home to not exactly beach weather but temperatures warm enough to melt snow. Close enough?

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  1. bakerjac permalink
    October 7, 2010 9:29 am

    That kid of yours is too sweet for words. I’m betting the new one will be, too.

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