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A Birthday and Turkey Sandwich

October 15, 2010

This week is just a big sandwich of events. J.D. turned a different age on Wednesday, for one. It would appear that I am a bad wife for not posting some kind of something to commemorate him. But, in my defense, I spent the day either cooking him food or making him eat it. He did not complain about the lack of blog activity on his behalf.

I made J.D. a chocolate birthday cake and as soon as James was made aware that a chocolate cake was on the premises, nothing else mattered. Every sentence that came out of his mouth had something to do with the consumption of that cake.

If he had been a few years older and a little more cunning, this latest post from Hyperbole and a Half would have been eerily familiar.

Tuesday was my late Grandma’s birthday. She died when I was in grade twelve and was my only living grandparent for most of my life. She lived in a mobile home on our property in Salmon Arm where I grew up and so, a good portion of my childhood memories somehow involve her. She used to feed us cheese ritz with cheese melted in the microwave. Of all the quality time we spent together, that is what pops to mind first. Cheesy snack crackers with more cheese.

James, I realize, is spoiled to have not one but eight grandparenty type people in his life. Unfortunately there are a good 2500 km of trees between him and them. But, just so you know grandparents, we could probably avoid by-law and set up a camper in the back yard. Any takers?

Wednesday was also the anniversary of J.D.’s best and also worst birthday. It was the day I had the ultrasound that confirmed the life and death of our twins Pi and Phi. If we had known that one year later I’d be waddling around eight months pregnant with their younger sibling, we may have felt a little less destroyed. But here we are, no less glad they graced our lives.

Thursday was the birthday of a good friend and former roommate of J.D. A man very tolerant of the constant presence of J.D’s damn girlfriend and eventual fiancée.

And today is my brother Brian’s birthday: An artist and genius, in general.

And finally, Sunday is the day I attempt to cook my first solo turkey dinner. I did it once before with my sister and we had two kitchens at our disposal. I nearly died that day. Now I will be cooking by myself in one kitchen that has two square feet of counter space.

I may die on Sunday.

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  1. Mary Caudle permalink
    October 15, 2010 7:16 pm

    ….What a “busy” blog, Claire…we love your interesting notes!
    PS: That was a very nice memory of your own Grandma….we’ll be
    your surrogate Grandma and Grandpa for the next while as
    …there’s always room in our family!!
    Love you all, always! G & G

  2. Jean permalink
    October 15, 2010 9:57 pm

    I remember that turkey dinner of which you speak. and I have a photo of you and Jane wearing potato peelings. The dinner was fabulous.
    No. 1 tip for making a large meal with only two square feet of counter space: start the day before.

  3. Brian permalink
    October 16, 2010 10:31 am

    Thanks for the props. B.

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