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A Four-in-One

January 3, 2011

By now I should have done a Christmas post, an anniversary post, a new year’s post and something about our upcoming plans for this paternity leave. Here it goes:

Christmas. I drilled James on the Nativity story twelve times a day throughout December but he really got stuck on Santa and chimneys, which I maybe mentioned once in October. He thinks that Santa lives inside chimneys. All chimneys. In fact, this is the reason people have chimneys in the first place. I think it’s terrifying  but he seems okay with it.

Christmas for James:

Christmas for Jasper:

Anniversary. J.D. and I have a rocky history when it comes to anniversaries. Mostly we are disappointed if not completely devastated by the outcome of our plans. This year, our fourth, we decided to go out for breakfast because its pretty hard to go wrong on breakfast.

But definitely possible.

The last bad breakfast we had was a few years ago at a Chinese – Western cuisine restaurant. J.D.’s pancakes tasted like soy sauce and my poached egg was served to me in a cup of water. I’m pretty sure the cook had to google “poached egg.”

Calling to mind this memory makes me feel a little better ab0ut our anniversary breakfast which I would describe as unremarkable grease. Afterwards we went bathing suit shopping which I hate even when I haven’t just consumed 30,000 calories.

New Year’s. I was inspired by a very pregnant friend’s resolution to have a baby in the New Year. I am resolving to not have a baby this year. This is less brilliant than resolving to have a baby when you’re already pregnant but still  brilliant because I only have to really try until April.   (p.s. I am not giving up in April. Jasper is worth about four babies right now.)

Paternity Leave. J.D. is currently looking at used camper vans online. In a non-committed sort of way. That is about as close as we have come to making concrete plans for our time off. We are hanging out in Victoria  for the next few weeks while we get all that sorted out. The tropics as far as we’re concerned.


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