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No Vegas for You

January 25, 2011

A couple of set backs as of late:

-I destroyed my back. Currently, my torso is over here and my hips are over there and I walk like a do-it-yourself robot that someone got all wrong. I can’t lift my 15 million pound baby. But to be fair, we were thinking about trading the stroller in for a front end loader even before I done got wrecked.

-We made an offer on a camper van and were supposed to pick it up today. It’s called the Black Hawk (JD would have bought it for this reason alone) and it looks like a ninja van (not really). But we found out that it leaks propane (kaboom?) and so we’re getting that dealt with which puts our projected departure back to some unspecified date. It was unspecified to begin with so we could probably just pretend that everything is going according to plan. Fist pump.

While bemoaning this extra week that it will take to have the repair done, I was all, “Let’s go to Vegas!” And J.D. was all, “that sounds irresponsible.” But then proceeded to research the hell out of it. (By definition Vegas is hell but if anyone could do something to get the hell out of it, it would be J.D. researching) In the end it became apparent that a few days in Vegas and over a thousand dollars down the tube is quite irresponsible.  But, if that’s your thing, check this out: The twenty dollar trick. While researching his dissertation on Impulsive Trips to Las Vegas, J.D. discovered that a twenty dollar bribe can more often than not get you a room upgrade. Yay!

I popped over to Vancouver on Thursday and now we’ll be popping back to Victoria to do things like Not Go to Vegas and also Prepare to Live in a Shoe Box for the Next Six Months. How responsible.

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  1. davida permalink
    January 31, 2011 11:05 pm

    Oh Claire, you make me smile.

    As I started to read this post and heard you say your back was out, I instantly thought of about two years ago, when I came over to help you lift your “giant” baby then. Poor girl! I hope your back is feeling better soon.
    Oh, irresponsible Vegas, Shawn and I were considering Costa Rica, looks like that might be postponed now as well, those…thousands and thousands of dollar trips just don’t seem to be in the cards for us right now.
    Good luck with the van…we will need pictures of the Black Hawk for sure!

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