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February 3, 2011

J.D. and I are a little behind on the technology front.

We do not own cell phones.  We do not own any i*noun*s. J.D.’s students often ask him if his laptop is, like, from the 80’s or something. I need my Dad to help me turn on their T.V. We just bought a camper van with windows that you have to physically roll down.

I’m probably more okay with this than J.D. Texting kind of freaks me out and I don’t like learning how to use stuff that’s way smarter than me.

But I think J.D. wouldn’t mind having a little something that’s all gadgety. He’s not so much interested in a handheld device that allows him to face-tweet on the go but a pair of glasses that performs cold fusion or something would really do it for him.

Maybe that’s why we’re techo-failures. I’ve been lapped and J.D. is waiting until it’s a fair race.

Here’s a Julian Smith video that inspired this post but somehow ended up to be vaguely relevant to it.

ETA: J.D. just informed me that our van actually has power windows. 1986, I underestimated you.


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