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I Heart Cookie

February 14, 2011

I can make a decent casserole but those skills do not transfer very well to baking. This is why the cookies James and I made today had a total of four ingredients and even less instructions. The primary ingredient was butter which means I am strictly forbidden from eating them. I am really bad at not eating delicious things that are in front of me but if it means I have to hold a screaming Jasper later, I tend to behave. I think I might start a dieting program where if you cheat, I come to your house and give you an inconsolable baby. Plus, you have to pay me to do it. Jenny Craig, you are soooo screwed.

The Valentine’s cookie making started out all orderly and picturesque. I let James add and stir the ingredients and he said cute things and obeyed my gentle instructions. Then Jasper started crying so I put him in the carrier which made him really angry, and then James started putting his feet in the butter, and then I couldn’t take the first batch of cookies out of the oven because I didn’t want my squalling baby to burst into flames, and then James got too close to the oven and I freaked out and then he freaked out and I’m sure J.D. probably freaked out too somewhere in there. We all had to take a nap after the first batch.


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