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Sunday Dinner

September 2, 2011

J.D. decided that he is going to be responsible for Sunday dinners this year. So last saturday evening he spent hours on the internet assembling a menu and asking me if we have things like fennel and anything resembling chocolate liqueur. He finally settled on goat cheese, kalamata olive and roasted red pepper crostinis, a very involved lasagna, caesar salad with dressing and croutons from scratch, and a 3-layered (in the style of) tiramisu cake. No biggie. And I was like, “yes, this is definitely a biggie. You had better invite some guests to witness your rise or demise, my friend.”

He started at eleven a.m. and wouldn’t let me help. He also got mad when I sent James in to help. The only hiccups were almost entirely my fault. For example, when he was making a grocery list the night before, I told him we had many ingredients that we did not actually have.

“I thought you said we had crushed tomatoes”
“We do.”
“These are whole tomatoes.”
“I see. Well, I guess that’s better than needing whole tomatoes and only having crushed. Yes?”

“I thought you said we had lots of red peppers”
“I did? We had two green peppers. But I used them. You ate them for lunch, remember?”

Then he asked me how long he needed to broil the bread for the croustinis and I said some number of minutes that resulted in a delicate, aromatic layer of charcoal beneath the goat cheese, kalamata olives and non-existant roasted red peppers.

In the end, everything was blow-your-mind delicious. J.D. can officially do anything. But he asserts that some things only need to be done once.

(The cake turned into a pre-birthday cake for our friends Sara and Phil’s soon to be born babe. This is because James cannot conceptualize a cake that is not a birthday cake. Why would you have a cake and NOT light a candle,sing, and then blow out the candle? Grown ups are weird.)

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  1. Jean permalink
    September 2, 2011 8:00 pm

    Every Sunday?? J.D. you are more of a man than that whus in the aftershave ad.

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