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Mullets and Preschool

September 6, 2011

Today was monumental for two reasons.

1)James started preschool

2)James lost his mullet

I had planned to buzz the mullet before he started preschool but I wanted to make sure the kids liked him for his personality, not just for his stylish crew cut. I also have this problem where I postpone my family’s haircuts until their mullets start getting coifed by their shirt collars. This is because every time I get out the scissors and clippers, I forget how to use them. Seriously. I just make it up. Usually, each successive haircut is better than the last one. This must mean that there is a badly pruned haircutting pathway in my brain somewhere that can only be triggered by a really out of hand mullet.

I don’t have any pictures of the hair cut  because James requested that I not take his picture this afternoon. Much less politely than you’re imagining. I have a few unfocused pictures of his first day at preschool because I forgot to actually take pictures. Most of these are the preview snaps for all the video clips I will one day assemble into a poignant short titled “James’ First Day at Preschool.” Ha.

The preschool requires parent participation but it’s free! It’s a program modelled on B.C.’s Strong Starts which provides free drop-in preschool programming four mornings a week.

James got his name tag and embellished it with a giant sticker of a hockey player that completely covers the S in his name. The teacher kindly suggested he move the hockey player to less obstructive position. James kindly suggested that he not.

We sang a few action songs during circle time but James was paralyzed by the light expectation that he participate. He felt happy but he didn’t know it for sure so he decided not to clap his hands, just incase. After circle time came unstructured play, for which James regained his confidence.

If you’re happy and you know it yell and bash things.

At the end of the morning, all the kids were heading toward the door and James suddenly realized that preschool doesn’t last forever. He wept bitterly.


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