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Sunday Dinner: Germs, Swiss style.

September 26, 2011

Saturday for James: puke puke puke. I’m siiiiiiiiiick. What are we going to doooo with me?

Saturday for Jasper: Happy 10 months to me! Look, I can now move! Like a hermit crab, but much much less efficiently. Also, look! I have two top front teeth! Now I can pierce through your nipples as opposed to just sawing at them. And last but not least: SNOT!

Saturday for J.D.: Claire, this is not just any cold. It’s a Man Cold.


A friend of mine (Hi Davida!) asked for a Sunday Dinner update as J.D. had made quite the purple impression last week. Not specifically because of the Man Cold but due in part, his Sunday Dinner making duties were relinquished and Amanda invited a couple of her friends over and made Raclette. Wikipedia is much better than me at explaining things but it’s basically the Swiss way of making your dinner guests cook their own dang food.  It’s also the best way to share your germs if you have any worth sharing. (I.E. Just so you guys know, James licked one of those red peppers before he stuck it on the grill. Not sure which one…” I don’t know if Amanda warned her guests that they would be dining in a germ den, but I guess even germs taste good with melted cheese.

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  1. Davida Wood permalink
    September 27, 2011 8:48 am

    yay! Thanks Claire! Looks delicious! Even with the germs! When I was in Japan we actually did a number of dinners like this as well…they are great! Hope everyone’s cold’s get better, and I hope Jasper soon learns that biting is not nice! 🙂 have a great week!

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