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Sunday Dinner: Refined Sugar

December 20, 2011

On Sunday afternoon we went to a gingerbread construction party at the home of Dorothy, J.S., William and baby Francois-Xavier.  J.D. and I don’t get excited about gingerbread like we’re supposed to. (Eggnog is also something only tolerated as a festive splash in caffeinated beverages) And, if you recall, I turn heads for the wrong reasons when it comes to confectionery. So we picked up a box of graham wafers and went shopping in the bulk candy section right before lunch, which led to J.D. overestimating the number of chocolate mint squares (roof tiles) we needed by about two and a half pounds (I think we used four, total). We decided we were going to build a Christmas village (with graham wafer bungalows, a waffle-cone-tree-lined boulevard, gummy worm Christmas lights, lollipop lamp posts, etc falala etc)  In our heads, it was magical and we wanted to live there. Then we built it.

`Christmas compound` is the first description that comes to mind. We stopped wanting to live there and decided to let James eat it instead.

James learns about natural disaster. Tens of dollars in damages! Cavities expected to rise overnight!

Here are a few photos from the construction site:

Baby Jonah is wishing his fine motor skills were up to speed. Someone needs to show these fools how to handle an icing bag.

J.S. is the one responsible for initiating the event, which has become annual and famous. They don`t do gingerbread in Quebec where J.S. is from, but he is working for reform in this department.

I think this is supposed to be a lodge in the wilds of Quebec. I for one would not be surprised if I stumbled upon something as delicious as this in the wilds of Quebec.

James helped make one of the graham wafer huts for the Christmas compound. Then he ate his weight in M&Ms and gummy worms. By the end of the night I was making him eat pretzel sticks because it was the closest thing to a vegetable I could find.

William found our box of waffle cones and took a bite out of six. I guess he was just looking for a vegetable too.

J.D. considers his next move.

It suddenly became obvious that the compound was lacking a gazebo.

Throughout the afternoon, several people made comments like `wow, you guys really know what you`re doing`. False. But, we realized that if you throw yourself into a project with conviction and the belief that it will turn out exactly like what`s in your head, people will be impressed regardless of how crappy it turns out.

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  1. Mary Caudle permalink
    December 22, 2011 8:54 pm

    That’s quite an engineering feat! … It’s comparable to how my Christmas baking evolved (all dainty, mouth-watering bites intended), but so blatantly perfected and beautifully iced in Moore’s Bakery … overuling some of my own attempts … Just like James though, GG had delightful fun sampling sugar in great amounts, and registering his stamp of approval or otherwise, on my presentation of ‘delectible edibles’. Keep taking those great pictures!

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