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Debris From the Day

February 9, 2012

Jasper had a set of immunizations and only one truncated nap this morning. This was the view every time I looked down today.

I put both boys in the empty bathtub with some kitchen utensils which allowed me forty five seconds of happy time to make supper. James wanted me to fill the tub and I told him I couldn’t because Jasper might hit his head and drown. (I would have put a little more thought into my reasoning but I was already down five seconds of happy time. Also to my demerit, James hesitantly started swimming lessons this week – what an excellent time to bring up the possibility of drowning.)

Thirty seconds into happy time, James started screaming – screaming in a way that a bath tub full of blood – or poo – would not have surprised me. I went into the bathroom to find Jasper whacking him across the head with a ladle.


Preschoolers have an amazing way of bouncing back from a near death experience.


*Jasper walks now and you don’t even need a brownie on the end of a fishing pole to make him do it.

*Today we walked in the door and James had to pee urgently. He asked me very politely if I thought it might be okay if he just peed in the vent.

*James came up with a couple of excellent games that I love to play. The first is called Rash Doctor. Premise: I have a rash on my back and James, the Rash Doctor, fixes it by rubbing me up with lotion. Sometimes the rash spreads to my neck and legs.  The second game is called Starfish. Premise: Lie face down with your limbs spread wide. If you move, it’s no more than an inch per hour. Love it. Maybe tomorrow we can play Rash Doctor Holds a Clinic at the Seashore.

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  1. February 10, 2012 1:14 am

    Your days seem to be filled with debris. A lesser woman would despair. You take the high road and you delight in what you see. (I’m not sure if I’m being cynical there or not. I’ll let you choose.)

  2. Phil! permalink
    February 10, 2012 7:08 am

    love the update! Can’t wait for Aylah and her little bro/sis to be able to have baths together 😀

    Aylah has a game along the same lines. It’s called ‘baby’ (for lack of a better word, and owing to the fact that that’s the only word spoken during the process), where usually one of her dolls needs to be put to bed, so we put a blanket on the floor, wrap the baby up, and then Aylah has to be the baby, and then (the sweet moment!) daddy needs to lie down next to her, and then we all pretend to sleep. some of us are better pretenders than others ; )

    lots of love to you guys, it’s so great getting these updates Claire!


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