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March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day! To celebrate I will post 3.14 items.

1.Jasper’s curls. This is what they look like after a quick hose down and air dry (he likes to caress his mane with apple sauce). Several hours in a snow suit hood and he looks like a chubby blonde Uncle Jesse from Full House.

2. On Friday, Colleen, Faith and I went here for twenty-four hours of child-freeness. There was an irresponsibly long hot tub soak, a pre-delicious four course dinner nap, a delicious four course dinner, and many hours of sleep that were punctuated only by our own broken body clocks and engorged chests.  It was amazing. On a similar note, J.D. is going bison hunting this Saturday. If there’s a man’s equivalent to a girl’s weekend getaway, I think this might be it.

3. They scraped our street earlier this week. James was pleased that his front window became a high-def big screen television for several hours each day. Jasper had mixed feelings about the gug-gug (translation: ‘scraper’, also ‘cookie’, sometimes ‘tooth brush’, dependent on the context. But not always dependent.)


Andrea, Dominic, Jean-Paul, and Genevieve came over for dinner tonight. Genevieve is a girl after my own heart. There is a photo of me as a baby, all greased up with a chicken bone hanging from my lips. The first time I saw this photo was on a large screen at my wedding reception. Luckily, he’d already married me.

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