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Catch Up

April 12, 2012

1. Things are getting melty and storm drains are plugged in these here parts. This makes for much little boy glee and also wet socks that get left inside wet boots. Rotting boy socks! Must be Spring.

2. Oscar turned four! Here’s a few highlights of the party put together by Colleen.

3. Easter! A holiday wherein we attempt to instill things like “true meaning”.

James was a good sport and humored us for about five distracted minutes (while he did visual scans for hidden eggs). Then I told him he had to eat breakfast before any other Easter related activities would commence and he said he wanted to hunt for eggs, not eat them thankyouverymuch.

I tried to make the egg hunt super boring but it filled his soul with joy anyway. He hid the eggs again for Jasper, who now also has a firm grasp of the true meaning of Easter.

We took the boys to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve for a bonfire on Sunday afternoon. Highlights for James included waving hot poker sticks dangerously close to people’s faces and putting “Muskox encounter” on his little boy resume.

4. On Easter Monday I made a turkey and perogies and we invited a bunch of people over with names ending in things like “ski” and “uk”. They gave me honorary Ukrainian baba status which makes me feel good but I also feel like I should be shorter with a saggy bosom. I did force everyone up for seconds so I guess that’s a start.

All of the children that came were girls. Cute, frilly, pink girls that made me want to put Jasper’s hair in pigtails.

Emilia – the little girl version of Jasper in looks and finesse.

Marianna – the only time I’ve seen someone glamorously eat a drumstick.

James had to go put on some grey construction pajamas to keep things balanced.

I left a chocolate cake out on the deck to cool and mid-evening we caught Jasper out there “taking care of it”.

Couldn’t resist.

5. The Tree Clock: more collaborative art. James wanted to make something with a clock on it. He drew the numbers and chose the time. We used chalk pastel on an old homemade (plywood) chalkboard we have lying around.

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  1. Jaelyn permalink
    April 13, 2012 8:35 am

    Poor Jasper – he makes a cute girl from behind!

  2. April 13, 2012 8:57 am

    Make sure you keep that photo of Jasper with pigtails to settle later disputes – you know, like the one our family always has about whether Joel had a rat tail, something he hotly denies.

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