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Ten Dadless Days

April 13, 2012

Next Thursday, J.D. is leaving for ten days. I have a friend whose husband is regularly away for weeks at a time. I asked her for tips. She said, “Tip number one: Don’t do it.”

Then I asked for tips on a forum and the first answer was someone rolling their eyes because apparently ten days is nothin’ sista.

I have a feeling we’ll be okay for the first three days. Then I have a feeling that on day four, Grandma will be on her front step signing for two child shaped parcels.

Where is he going, you ask? No no, it’s not one of those tax-dollar funded five star ten day teacher conferences. Too bad. He’s only been to seven this year.

He’s a chaperon for a third world exposure program in the Dominican Republic.

A little info, if you will:

The Program is designed to give students an opportunity to
reflect on their own lives amidst the devastating problems of life in the
third world. The experience is about providing an option for our
students to begin viewing the world from a different perspective… that
of the poor. This program does not utilize visiting groups as
“volunteer work brigades”. Rather, it seeks to provide an opportunity
for our students to enter in relationship with the marginalized of our
world and thus come to the realization that (as Martin Luther King Jr.
explains) “our liberation is bound to theirs”.

Here’s more.

It should prove to be a mind and spirit altering experience. The participating students and teachers have spent the year fundraising (selling booster cards, bagging groceries, doing bottle drives, hosting a spaghetti dinner etc) The cost for each participant is over $2,500 and a portion of that fee goes to support local initiatives. Through fundraising, most of that cost has been reduced but J.D’s total is still a little over $900.

If you have an extra dollar or ten or nine hundred to spare, we would greatly appreciate any help to offset that personal cost.  I would contribute some of my income but paypal doesn’t accept open-mouthed toddler kisses. Here is the paypal link if you feel inspired.

Similarly, if you have any motherly fortitude to spare, send it north!

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  1. Colleen Grandy permalink
    April 13, 2012 9:47 pm

    Ten days IS somethin’, sista, but I have full confidence in you. Jeff leaves for two days next Wednesday and I already feel like I’m dying inside a little thinking about it. Yes. I’m that weak.

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