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The Fifth Dadless Day

April 23, 2012

James: Mum, do you have a cold?

Me: Yes, I got it from you.

James: If you got it from me, then why do I still have it?!

James wishes the same principles applied to sharing his toys.

James is feeling a little off today both physically (due to the cold he has failed to pass off in its entirety to me) and emotionally (due to spending every waking moment with his snotty mother). We went to the Canada Games Centre with Faith and Colleen and without warning him, I left him with Colleen and Faith to walk Jasper to sleep in the stroller. Apparently everyone in the building was aware of his displeasure when he found out what I had done.

Later on, I told him very explicitly that I was leaving for three minutes to use the bathroom. He very explicitly (and loudly) asked me, “ARE YOU DOING A PEE OR A POO CAUSE POO TAKES LONGER.” Okay. I deserved that.

Today was way better than yesterday. I was kind of worried that we walked off a dadless day four cliff and that J.D. would have to scrape us all off the canyon floor when he got back. But it turns out it was just a massive pothole and we’re back on our way.  Four o’clock still feels like it should be bedtime though.

James planted some flowers in a pot today but J.D. took the camera (all photos posted here since he left have been snatched from recent archives) so instead, here is another potting project we did last week. A lovely addition to the family of plants who spend their days trying not to die under our spotty care.

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  1. April 23, 2012 8:02 pm

    Nice…always fun to read what you are writing…

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