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May 27, 2012


Last Saturday we visited a bird banding station which was an excellent experience. Jasper makes a full time job of chasing the robins around the yard, going “Tweet tweet! Pat? Pat?” So for him, being within a one meter radius of a real live bird nearly fulfilled his current fantasy.

They were going to allow James to release one of the birds by himself until he interpreted their direction to “gently place your index and middle finger around the bird’s neck while cupping your other hand beneath its feet” as an invitation to strangle it. So it sat in his hand for a few seconds before one of the birders let it go.

Then on Wednesday, we went to preschool to visit their newly hatched chicks. James, once again, was given the opportunity to hold a chick for a photo op, but something in him just really wants to snap those fragile little necks.

We have a book from the library called “Five Little Chicks” which Jasper has me read whenever I’m not looking pre-occupied (that is, whenever I’m not preparing him a snack). It’s always entertaining to watch him discover that something exists in real life. Jasper is very good at marveling. They also have a bunny at preschool that hops around the class. Except when Jasper’s there. Then he cages himself behind the book shelf while Jasper yells “HOP HOP! Pat? Pat?” at him. “Um, no. Thank you.”


Today we discovered an old nest in the tree in our yard. J.D. hoisted James up to have a peek inside. This was after he tried to climb it himself but assessed the operation to be too dangerous. Come here, four year old.


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