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Face Paint

October 21, 2012

Yesterday I took the boys to get their faces painted at Angellina’s, the local toy store. Emma Barr, the amazing (and my favorite) Yukon artist, was doing the work.

I was kind of hoping for majestic ear to ear landscapes but in the end, the puppy and bat commanded the boys’ entire sit-still-abilities.

On the ride into town, I asked James to go first as he has had his face painted before and therefore knows that there is very little intrinsic danger. Jasper needs you to light the path, pave the way, be the pioneer, James! He was very much on board with this role until Emma Barr sweetly invited him to take a seat. He collapsed under the immense pressure to make face painting look like fun and made his little brother go first.

Jasper was very still and serious for the five minutes it took to complete the work. He seemed to feel that he was performing an important civic duty by allowing his face to be transformed into a dog.


After seeing that Jasper had made it through without dying of social discomfort, James took a seat.


And then he hit his head on a doorknob, concluding the afternoon’s fun.


(If you’re wondering why there are so many pictures of James freaking out, it’s because I can’t take pictures of him without accidentally documenting it. But James, like his mother, is an emotional yo-yo and very easily distracted back into joy. )

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