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Is that a Banana in Your Library?

December 8, 2012
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Playing with Pattern Blocks

James: Look Mum! If I put three triangles together, it makes half a hexagon!


J.D.: Hey Jasper, what color is this pattern block?

Jasper: Blue.

J.D.: No…

Jasper: Red.

J.D.: No…

Jasper: Green.

J.D.: No…it’s the same color as a banana.

Jasper: Bananas? Hooray!


All that thinking is exhausting.


We played Library the other day.  This is what James chose for the name of the library:


What’s in the stacks of YOUR inner library?

(We had to hold a gala dinner at $75 a plate to pay for the sign, btw. )


Here is James using a power adapter to check out my book. As you can see, he completely missed the barcode.  Ha ha ha, Inner Library! Ordinary Oscar, the tale of a snail with big dreams,  is mine FOREVER.

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