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The Snow is Gone and So Are Jasper’s Pants

May 11, 2013


We accidentally discovered that Jasper is 100% potty trained: if he’s naked from the waist down. If he is NOT naked from the waist down, he is 100% not potty trained.


So there has been a lot of this around here lately. (Hoping to find a toddler sized kilt supplier)


He seems to prefer streaking in the front yard where everyone  can see him (Bonus: the neighbor has probably forgotten about my shotty car battery.) He’s vaguely aware of things like modesty and privacy. James was getting dressed this morning and Jasper stood in their bedroom doorway and asked if he’d like some privacy. James said yes and Jasper said, “Okay. I’ll just watch you.”


 He is also considerate enough to ask me the same thing when I’m in the bathroom and when I say yes, it would be nice, he says “Okay”,  joins me, and closes the door behind him.


Jasper’s timing with all this is excellent because being pantsless before May in the Yukon is irresponsible.

11-7smAs soon as the temperatures were consistently above zero, the boys exploded outdoors and I haven’t seen them since.  It’s okay though. The neighbors are inevitably watching them.


I’m not sure why James is the one without pants in this next shot. Or why Jasper is freaking out at his gum boot.


And then there’s this guy who is mostly oblivious to the changes in temperature and attire. James staged and shot this photo. I stopped the photo shoot when Jasper volunteered to be prop manager.




Two months old.

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  1. MomC permalink
    May 12, 2013 10:04 am

    Well Claire, the longer t-shirts seem to be working – maybe you don’t need a kilt for Jasper after all! The delight at spring’s arrival is evident and Sage is looking like his usual contented self. Happy Mother’s Day Claire!

  2. Mary Caudle permalink
    May 12, 2013 11:12 am

    Wonderful pictures and stories. It will be great to see them ‘in action’ this summer, and can’t wait to meet the newest little man in the family!

    Love to all,
    GG & GG

  3. May 12, 2013 8:37 pm

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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